It’s that time of year, when we gather with family and friends to celebrate and reflect on what we’re grateful for. Like many of us, doctors are thankful for their health, their loved ones, and their jobs. But in a profession plagued with constant changes, challenges, and sky-high burnout rates, we thought it was a good time to take stock of what in particular health care providers are thankful for now. Here’s what doctors had to say.Read More

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act defines health literacy as the “degree to which an individual has the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions,” and unfortunately, low health literacy is a growing problem in today’s health care climate. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 22 percent of adults have only basic health literacy and 14 percent have below basic health literacy. And because health literacy is a strong indicator of health status, low literacy is linked with poor health outcomes and higher rates of hospitalization.Read More

Summer is here and the heat is on you to capture your patients’ interest. You may be asking yourself: how can I engage patients and promote my services in a fun and captivating way? We suggest using video content to both entertain and educate them. We have the top three reasons that using video will set your practice ablaze this summer.Read More

Have you done your spring cleaning? Summer is just around the corner, so before vacations begin, take the time to evaluate how your practice is doing. Even the most successful practice can lose sight of its goals and fail to see possibilities for change. According to Nick Hernandez, a consultant specializing in small group practice management, “No one can survive without focusing in their own way on what matters and drives their medical practice.” As we approach the halfway mark for 2016, it is a good time to stop and evaluate whether you are meeting your practice’s true potential and accomplishing the goals you set out at the beginning of the year.
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An article from April 2013 discussed findings from recent studies revealing significant problems dealing with the usability of electronic health record systems and their effect on physician productivity. They attributed some of these new issues to the addition of extra features that have been added to meet the meaningful use requirements such as quality reporting and patient portals. Other issues included documenting patient encounters in EHR drop-down boses, poor usability of user interfaces, and lack of working well with existing workflow processes.
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Last week we discussed four reasons why your practice should be leveraging social media to attract new and returning patients. This week we will talk about how to ensure you are using these platforms to their full advantage. We will list some basic tips for creating a successful Facebook business page. Because 71 percent of online adults use Facebook, it is important to make certain you are maximizing this internet marketing potential.
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