From vaccines to nosebleeds, these new videos are sure to impress (and educate) your patients

Check out some of our most anticipated new video releases – including tips to start using them in your practice today to educate patients, build better patient relationships, and ultimately, help patients make more informed care decisions.

What are Vaccines?

Vaccines aren’t just for kids anymore. As we reach the peak of flu season, it’s more important than ever to help patients of all ages understand the importance of getting vaccinated. Our new video – What are Vaccines? – explains how vaccines work and how they protect the people most vulnerable in a community, as well as yourself. Play this video on the waiting room screens in your practice or share to your favorite social media sites to reach patients who may be on the fence about vaccinating their children.

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ABCDEs of Moles for Skin Cancer Detection

Regardless of your specialty, it’s critical to educate patients about what types of moles are harmless – and which to see a medical professional about. Our new video, ABCDEs of Moles for Skin Cancer Detection, explains how certain mole characteristics can detect abnormalities that may result in skin cancer. We recommend playing this video in your waiting room to help at-risk patients better understand which of those little (or not-so-little) spots they should be concerned about.

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Nosebleeds (epistaxis)

Recurring nosebleeds are one of the most common reasons for patients to visit their ENT doctor. Our new video, Nosebleeds (epistaxis), explains what causes a nosebleed and how to treat it. Email this video to patients who frequently experience nosebleeds to help them manage their condition day-to-day.

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Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation

One of our most anticipated new video releases, Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation, explains how eustachian tube balloon dilation is a treatment option for people who suffer from chronic pressure due to eustachian tube dysfunction. Play this video on the idle screens in your waiting areas to reach patients who may not even know there is a name – let along a treatment – for this recurrent condition.

We appreciate Dr. Jari Suvilehto of Qmedical for lending his expertise on this piece.

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The Truth About Online Eye Exams

How do you warn patients about the dangers of online eye exams? Try sharing our new video, The Truth About Online Eye Exams, on your website and social media pages to reach patients who might be considering this risky online alternative to a complete eye exam. For more on how your practice can reclaim customers from online eyewear retailers, download our eBook, Five Ways to Boost Optical Sales in the Age of Online Retailers!

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Tear Duct Obstruction

Our new video, Tear Duct Obstruction, explains what tear duct obstruction is and gives an overview of treatment options. We recommend playing this video on the idle screens in your patient waiting areas to teach parents of infants and other at-risk populations that excessive tearing may be due to tear duct obstruction, and explain how your practice can help.

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Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)

Dacryo…cyst…what? A difficult-to-pronounce procedure, explained simply – our new video on Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) helps patients understand what dacryocystorhinostomy is, how it can help provide relief from a blocked tear duct, and different approaches to the procedure. Use this video to supplement your explanations in the exam room, then send it home via email for patients to review with family and friends.

We appreciate the help of Dr. Jeffrey Winston of Winston Eye Care and Dr. Leiv Takle Jr. of Takle Eye Group for lending their expertise on this topic.

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