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The silent epidemic of doctor burnout is a serious concern plaguing the U.S. health care system today. The proliferation of mechanical and impersonal processes into health services have come at the cost of doctor-patient relationships. Instead of treating patients, doctors are pressed for time and overworked, leading to widespread cynicism in the profession.Read More

Last month, our company completed our rebrand, and we announced our name change from Eyemaginations to Rendia. Our new brand identity was the result of defining our company’s purpose and values, guided by Baltimore-based branding agency, Backroom. Here are some things we learned from our fresh start that you can apply to your practice.Read More

Summer is here and the heat is on you to capture your patients’ interest. You may be asking yourself: how can I engage patients and promote my services in a fun and captivating way? We suggest using video content to both entertain and educate them. We have the top three reasons that using video will set your practice ablaze this summer.Read More

Have you done your spring cleaning? Summer is just around the corner, so before vacations begin, take the time to evaluate how your practice is doing. Even the most successful practice can lose sight of its goals and fail to see possibilities for change. According to Nick Hernandez, a consultant specializing in small group practice management, “No one can survive without focusing in their own way on what matters and drives their medical practice.” As we approach the halfway mark for 2016, it is a good time to stop and evaluate whether you are meeting your practice’s true potential and accomplishing the goals you set out at the beginning of the year.
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Laser refractive surgery has come a long way since PRK was first performed in 1987, but it has had its fair share of controversy and misinformation over the years. Practices specializing in LASIK know that techniques, technologies, and better co-management have evolved tremendously to vastly improve patient outcomes. Now more than ever, laser refractive surgery is a great option for many. But do your patients know this?Read More

Although we are best known for our animated videos, sometimes it makes sense to record live-action video. For example, when modeling instructions, watching someone else do it first is extremely powerful. Live action video adds that human element, which is ideal when we’re showing a behavior. In contrast, we avoid live video when explaining surgical procedures to keep viewers focused on the explanation, rather than the feeling.Read More