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The interest in mobile health (mHealth) shows no signs of waning. That goes for both patients and doctors. A 2016 survey found that patients want more digital health tools from their doctors: 59 percent of all health-insured patients surveyed, and 70 percent of millennials, said they would choose a primary care doctor who offers a mobile app (allowing patients to make appointments, see bills, view health data, etc.) over one that does not.Read More

Whether you’re a solo practitioner in a rural area, or a patient who’s bounced from doctor to doctor with a difficult–to-diagnose condition, there are many reasons why you might seek out expert medical advice from a larger group. Fortunately, in 2016, seeking feedback from other physicians or getting a second opinion is as easy as going online.Read More

Missed appointments are a common, and costly, problem for medical practices. While the number of no-shows varies by practice and specialty, the average is between five to 10 percent of appointments, health care consultant Elizabeth Woodcock tells Physician’s Practice. Missed patient appointments cost the U.S. health care system $150 billion a year, according to the Center for Health Affairs. And, they wreak havoc on your practice’s daily schedule and workflow. What’s the best way to avoid no-shows? Here are some tips.Read More

Retail is changing at light speed, thanks to apps that allow on-the-spot price comparisons, online sales and promotions, and even virtual reality, among other things. To capture the most customers, retailers—including eye care professionals—need to keep up. Here are six retail trends to be aware of if you want to boost sales and increase revenue for your optical dispensary in 2016.Read More

Your website is the door to your practice. It’s also where you want patients to land when searching for providers online. In our increasingly plugged-in society, people now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media. If you manage to get patients and prospects to your website, how do you make sure they find it interesting and useful, and truly engage with the meaningful content that’s there? And how do you make sure your site stands a cut above your competitors’?Read More