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The number-one most talked about blog post of 2016, according to Medical Economics, was about how more young doctors are jumping ship to non-clinical roles. “[A]n increasing proportion of the roughly 100,000 doctors in medical school today do not intend to treat patients as their primary career – or at all,” wrote Ryan Gamlin, a former health care management consultant and current medical student at the University of Cincinnati.

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What if there were a way to give patients more of your time and attention while also giving them the opportunity to learn better health habits from their peers? There is, and it’s called the shared medical appointment. The concept is catching on with both doctors and patients, since it can reduce the cost of care while improving the patient experience. Read on to find out what a shared medical appointment is, what it is not, and whether this may be one way to address the changing U.S. health care system’s needs.Read More

Currently, doctors from as many as four different generations may be working side-by-side. A few members of the Greatest Generation are still practicing medicine, though many are retiring and passing the torch to the Baby Boomers they trained, as well as Generation X and now millennials. As the youngest generation, born in the 1980s to the early 2000s, millennials are also the largest at more than 80 million.Read More

Online eyewear retailers are capturing consumers’ interest—and dollars. Warby Parker is probably eye doctors’ biggest online competition, notes VisionWeb. The style-savvy startup has upped their game by opening up a number of retail locations around the U.S. Other online competitors to watch out for include brands like BonLook, Lookmatic, Eyefly, and many more.Read More