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Doctors must offer awareness, education, and even financing options

Talking about money can be awkward—particularly for doctors and patients discussing the cost of health care. Whether due to ignorance, embarrassment, or other factors, people who wouldn’t think twice about asking the price of a product in a store or comparing car prices on the internet can clam up in health care settings. But if patients don’t know how much a treatment or procedure will cost them, or what the payoff will be, they are unlikely to pursue it. Here’s help for navigating these conversations with patients.Read More

ENTs: Now’s the time to raise awareness about common ear conditions and injuries

Summer doesn’t technically end until September 22 this year, so there’s still plenty of time for warm-weather fun. However, that also means more opportunities for ear health issues, from swimmer’s ear to eardrum injuries. Misinformation persists about common ear ailments and treatments, and not enough patients understand the importance of proper ear protection and ear hygiene. ENTs: are you educating your patients on how to keep their ears healthy? These videos can help.

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How to position yourself as a go-to source of health info instead

Do you think your patients are too smart to be influenced by health advice from celebrities? There’s no way educated adults would make medical decisions based on a viral Facebook post or an article about a movie star in the news, right? That’s what Valerie A. Jones, M.D., thought, too, until she Googled the HPV vaccine, curious to see what her patients might find. “I was disgusted, angry, and even saddened by what I found,” she wrote on, describing the sensationalized, medically inaccurate stories that filled her search results.

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